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one of my favourite ship combos is when you have one really grumpy/cranky character or someone deathly serious who never smiles and a really happy/bubbly/energetic character that drags them everywhere and the first character looks really unamused but the happy character’s having the time of their life and then the happy character smooches the grumpy character and the grumpy character just gives this soft little smile and AAAAAAAAAAAAA

i don’t want to be safe… i want to be with you.


The CW Network’s 2014 Upfront Group Selfie (May 15)


1.Wall of books —  Amsterdam

2.Bookstore Mural — Pittsboro

3.Inside a Bookshelf —  Sweden

4.Library Mural — Poland

5.Flying Books — San Francisco

6.Heart, Culture and Pedagogy — Canada

7.La Bibliotèque De La Cité — France

8.Larchmere Mural — Ohio

9.Duluth Public Library - Minnesota

10.Transformer Books —  Russia

Bookworm. Coffee addict. TV show fanatic. Nature lover.

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